Baker Mayfield Had A Quiet New Years

Baker Mayfield New Years Eve / via IG Story

Baker Mayfield played with a dog, spent time with friends and maybe even went out for a cocktail with those friends on New Years Eve. I know, what a wild night. A Cleveland Twitter account made a bold claim that Bake was seen out drinking in Austin on Tuesday. Ooooooo.

Look, I’m on record as saying over and over that if you’re thinking Bake is Johnny, you’re wrong here. There’s a difference between being Johnny Dumb and having a mimosa with friends as you share stories about what you’ve been up to the last 7-8 months. Have no fear, Bake had a quiet night.

Crush the guy all you want for his 2019 performance, but having a drink is clearly not a chargable offense especially when the team fired the coach and let the GM walk in one week.

This post has people in Cleveland losing their minds…as in they’re crushing CSPN:

What a wild New Years party!

Baker Mayfield dancing with a dog / via IG Story
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