Joe Burrow Has A Cold & Now Coach O Is Battling One…Uh Oh

Coach O reportedly has a cold at the Peach Bowl / via Twitter

Joe Burrow has a cold and now comes this news. I said it Thursday and here we go…it sounds like LSU is deal with a cold that might be making its way around the team. Today we find out that Coach O “has the sniffles,” a day after Joe Burrow said “a little bit” when asked if he was sick. The national media has been sleepwalking through this week and hasn’t fired up this storyline yet, but it’s coming. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The ESPN talking heads have been off for Christmas and haven’t gotten their hands on this, but it’s sitting out there ready to explode. LSU is going into this game with two of their most important components — Coach O’s brain and Joe’s arm — dealing with colds.

Laugh all you want, but these guys have been flying all around the country the last couple weeks and doing everything ESPN has asked of them. It’s new territory for this program and add in a cold. I’m just sayin’.

Joe Burrow, “Are you a little sick?”

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