UFCer Mackenzie Davis Hits Brazil Beach, Aussie Rules Football Wife Breaks Up Dog Fight & Cam Gives Back


It’s your day to shine, middle aged guy. It’s National Signing Day and ESPNU will have your coverage starting at noon. Yes, a bunch of signings have already dropped, but the real action gets going when it’s live on TV. The hats, the disappointed parents, the middle aged guys yelling at high school seniors on social media. It’s a great day for sports. You’ll get the normal college/NBA basketball card later tonight. Utah-Kentucky is at 11 ET on ESPN2 from Vegas for all of you who need that late night action.

UFCer Mackenzie Davis hits up Brazil to create content, get out of the cold

Here’s the scumbag who (allegedly) stole Terry Francona’s World Series rings

Aussie Rules Football wife bloodied breaking up a dog fight

Cam Newton goes on massive charity spending spree for the holidays

2019 Sports Media Awards if you’re into that kind of thing

Shots fired by Florida Man (allegedly) at Subway over sandwich…no wraps allowed!

Mississippi TV station seems to show some Twitter p0rn during live weather report

Here’s Ohio outdoorswoman Sarah Beth Lawhorn

That Ref Almost Got Drilled Video of the Week


Sandwich of the Day


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