Antonio Brown Has A Message For All The White Women


Antonio Brown says he’s not going to make white women look bad / via IG Story

Antonio Brown is so serious about his ‘No White Women 2020’ campaign that he’s continuing to talk about it on Instagram and seems to even be planning to release a No White Women album and it sounds like a music video is going to be produced too. Antonio, who is on Christmas break from Central Michigan University‘s online school, says that white women will be wearing white ski masks in his video and they will be “featured in a series of artful, sexy vignettes throughout AB’s mansion.”

If you’ve been following AB’s IG Stories, you would know that the guy has been turning a room of his house into a recording studio. I saw some gold microphone on there the other day and he’s been spending quality time with singer Stephanie Acevedo in his mansion.

AB might not play another down in the NFL so now is the time to figure out something to fall back on and music appears to be what he’s chosen to go pro in.

Antonio Brown’s No White Wome 2020 album is going to drop, according to AB / via IG Story Stay tuned for Antonio Brown’s No White Women 2020 plans / via IG Story

Stephanie Acevedo & AB Christmas album in 2020?

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