Best Christmas Cocaine Ugly Sweaters & Shirts On Amazon

Santa Claus snorting cocaine ugly sweater on Amazon / Buy on Amazon

Christmas cocaine ugly sweaters and ugly shirts are all the rage this year on Amazon thanks to Walmart saying they would stop selling the cocaine Christmas sweaters and shirts via a third party. Walmart even apologized for the incident. Meanwhile, Amazon has a massive selection of Santa doing lines of cocaine, a Mrs. Claus ‘Let It Snow’ ugly sweatshirt and very reasonably priced Pablo Escobar shirts that will be a hit at your family Christmas.

There’s such a huge selection that I figured it would be smart of me to do a “Best of Christmas Cocaine Ugly Sweaters & Shirts” as a FU to Walmart and a thank you to Amazon for not losing that Christmas spirit. If we can’t joke about Rudolph doing lines of blow, what have we become as a society? A society I don’t want to live in. These shirts are going to be a hit at the bar for the Christmas parties.

• The ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ Santa snorting cocaine before flying high in the sky sweatshirt is one of those sweatshirts that’s going to end up becoming a tradition for you. It’s classy, features that classic Christmas art that’s going to transcend time. Bring it out in 2025 and people are still going to want a photo with you.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas cocaine sweatshirt / Buy on Amazon

• The Donald Trump snorting cocaine as Santa Claus ‘Let It Snow’ t-shirt. The great news with this one is that this is pretty much apolitical. It’s fun, in the Christmas spirit and you can wear this to a Wall Street party and the white guys are going to welcome you into their club.

Donald Trump snorting cocaine Christmas shirt / Buy on Amazon

Rudolph…the White Nosed Reindeer will be a hit at your work party. It’ll take Linda in HR at least 20 minutes to figure out what’s going on, but then she’s going to LOLOL and slap her knee. Then she’ll have you fired after the new year. It’ll be a great story to tell your friends at the club.

Rudolph cocaine ugly sweatshirt / Buy on Amazon

• And what would Christmas be without a long sleeve shirt of an elf about to do lines off of a hooker? You walk into the party wearing this & people instantly know you’re not going home until the sun comes up & you might keep going for 40 hours.

Elf about to enjoy lines / Buy on Amazon


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