Crown Royal’s Selling A Blazer For The Crown Fan That Has Everything

Crown Royal’s sipping blazer / via Crown Royal

Is there a Crown Royal fan on your Christmas list who has everything? He or she doesn’t have the Crown Royal XR-inspired Crown Royal Blazer designed by ALBA. At $1,924, this will be a Crown Royal blazer you won’t be wearing over to Kevin’s house for IPA night just to show off. This is one of those exclusive items you break out for the biggest nights of your life. I’m thinking the Kentucky Derby, big Christmas parties, maybe courtside at a Lakers game.

There are only THREE of these blazers being made. THREE! THAT’S IT.

From Crown Royal:

In partnership with renowned celebrity designer ALBA, Crown Royal presents the Crown Royal Blazer. The hand-stitched blazer is inspired by Crown Royal XR Extra Rare, the brand’s rarest whisky which is expected to run out very soon. The blazer features rich tones of gold and royal blue and embodies the sophisticated character of Crown Royal XR Extra Rare from the now-closed LaSalle Distillery. Much like the whisky it celebrates, the bespoke blazer is a carefully crafted collector’s item for the luxurious, modern individual.

Hate to go all Rovell on you guys today, but I had to post this one. You know I love Crown and the brand’s been very good to BC over the years. No, I didn’t get a Chinese knockoff of this blazer, I just really thought you guys would enjoy it and maybe splurge and buy one for your dad and request that he gifts it to you in his will.

Buy the Crown Royal Blazer — here.

Buy the Crown Royal sipping jacket / via Crown Royal Crown Royal XR Blazer / via Crown Royal Crown Royal XR blazer from ALBA / via Crown Royal



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