Kyle Larson’s Wife, Katelyn, Shotgunned* A Busch At NASCAR Awards

That was Katelyn Larson stealing your heart last night at the NASCAR awards show when she shotgunned a Busch Heavy* in one of the great viral moments NASCAR needs if it wants to compete in the social media content news cycle. (I know, I know, I know…the can was empty. Some of you bums just need to learn to let the joy that’s deep down inside you to come out.) You might remember back in October at Dover when Katelyn got her hands on a Busch Heavy, dumped a few sips, and then proved to guys out there that the perfect woman does exist, the problem is that she’s wifed up to a guy who’s going to be around NASCAR for the next decade.

I had so many guys this morning all bent out of shape because they can’t get over product placement, they analyzed Katelyn’s throat, they complained because she didn’t miss a drop* and I had one guy tell me I was wrong & that it was a Busch Light. Folks, I have a doctorate in this kind of stuff. I don’t drink Busch Light & Busch to be ironic. I didn’t take a 30 of Busch Light to Michigan last week for the tailgate to be that guy. This is my domain. I need you guys to loosen up, trust me & prove that you’re worth having a beer with. There are so few days left in life to have a good time drinkin’ beer, let’s start enjoying ourselves a little bit. Cleanse your soul.

*Yes, I realize the Busch Heavy is empty.

Here’s Katelynn shotgunning Thursday night in Nashville:

Katelynn Larson shotgunning a Busch Heavy back in October at Dover after Kyle’s victory:

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