Katy Perry Catches Christmas Spirit, Terrelle Pryor Addresses Near Death Experience & Willie Nelson Revelation


Basketball, basketball, basketball….and a bunch of it. All night. Early, middle of the night & late. I’m talking 11:15 ET tip on ESPN2 from San Jose. The Big Ten needs an Ohio State win at UNC because Michigan State looked horrible at home last night. Turned that off at half. Michigan State looked like an 8 or 9 seed. NBCSN counters with Blues-Penguins for the hockey crowd.

Katy Perry gets in the Christmas spirit for you guys

Woman in Nashville bar pours beer on boyfriend’s head for cheating, arrested for domestic assault

Terrelle Pryor on how he almost died twice over the weekend

Tiger Woods on the time he slammed beers with his caddie & watched The Masters

Lamar vs. Josh is going to be a historic dual threat showdown

Willie Nelson: ‘I quit smoking’ weed

Ring catches Florida Man stealing shampoo & facial cleaner from a house

Brazilian Julia Muniz one more time

White Guy Dunk Video of the Week


Sandwich of the Day


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