Salma Hayek Has New Content, Juju Doing 104 & Lou Williams Gives Nick Young Shopping Advice

My Dayton Flyers have looked amazing through two games at the Maui Invitational. Now comes the finals against Kansas. Can Obi Toppin turn himself into a lottery pick tonight? He’s already made millions via this tournament. Now comes a game where Obi just might be able to tell his mom to retire. Big retirement game for this kid. There are 600 college basketball games to watch today. I’m finding myself all in on college basketball way earlier than normal. Might be going through a midlife crisis. No college football tonight. Don’t freak out.

Salma Hayek has new content…yep, I’m going to link to it

Juju risks it all, posts 104 mph video

Iron Bowl legend Chris Davis will send video to your Bama friend for $40

Lou Williams gives Nick Young dildo Christmas shopping advice

Mike Vick making bold Carson Wentz ‘fail’ predictions

Hikers risking it all at the Grand Canyon in these conditions…if they die, they die

Florida Man Uber driver tries to steal police cruiser & use it as getaway car

Here’s Danielle Wolf from the Ohio State tennis team

That Looks Hard To Do Video of the Month

Sandwich of the Day

Miss Bumbum Fires Out New Content, Urban Meyer On Greatest Accomplishment & Jalen Ramsey Fake Tough Guying It
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