Who Will Win The NBA Title?

LeBron James has now had a triple-double against all 30 NBA teams / via Twitter

New NBA championship futures odds are out and the Los Angeles Lakers (+300) are now tied with the Clippers as the betting favorite to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. LeBron James (25ppg) has the team off to a fast 12-2 start and Anthony Davis is adding 25.2 ppg to create possibly the most dangerous combo in the NBA, but will it be enough to stop the Houston Rockets and James Harden in June when the legs have to push through after a humbling 7+ month season, especially when LeBron turns 35 in December.

If LeBron and the Lakers are able to win a title this year and he plays in nearly 80 games it will be one of the most impressive, possibly the most impressive, seasons in NBA history considering the fact that Michael Jordan retired at 34 and returned at 38 to play a couple of meaningless seasons in Washington. Hate LeBron all you want, but a 74 game season out of him and we’re talking pure greatness considering the wear and tear on that body.

LeBron has played in 1,200-plus regular season games and is fourth in NBA history with 239 playoff games. It’s very possible he will become the NBA’s all-time leader in playoff games played by the end of the 2020 season. He needs 20. Because of this wear and tear, this becomes a critical season for LeBron to win his fourth NBA title.

So you’re not sold at this point that the Lakers can keep it up and you’re wondering what other NBA bet to make? Looking for some value? How about the Celtics currently sitting at +1600 and leading the Eastern Conference with an 11-2 start. Gordon Hayward will eventually be back from a hand injury and Kemba Walker’s offensive rating is the best in the NBA. He’s been everything they needed — get rid of head case Kyrie and get better. Yes, the Celtics couldn’t get through Milwaukee in the 2019 playoffs, but there are those who believe Brad Stevens’ offense works better with Kemba vs. Kyrie.

If you’re looking towards the West and not wanting to throw down on the Lakers, who better than the Rockets at +750. They’re going to attempt to run & shoot teams out of the building and it’s hard to find a guy better in a shootout than James Harden. The Rockets want to put a shot up on offense in six seconds or less. If defense wins championships, the Rockets aren’t exactly the team to go with, but if you believe the Rockets will run everyone out of the building with Harden and Russell Westbrook putting so much pressure on a team like the Clippers, then this is your horse to ride.

The Rockets are leading the league in made with 221 three-pointers; the Pelicans are second with 209. This make it or break it theory for the Rockets is why you’re getting value at +750. We all know the Clippers will be dominant after Kawhi Leonard ends his load management schedule and they get down to business after a 9-5 start.

Odds to win the NBA title as of November 20:

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