Lauren Hubbard Gets The Weekend Rolling, Russell Crowe Is Massive & 2.7 Snow Crab Fetches Huge Money

What a schedule I have for you tonight in college football…Central Florida at Tulsa and Washington at Oregon State at 10:30 on FS1. Good luck staying up for the end of that one. There will be like 10 people awake on Twitter. There’s also late college and NBA action. Let’s see if Bron takes off a load management game at home. You’ll also get day college basketball. That’s right, we’re already into tournament season.

Lauren Hubbard tears up Miami Beach

Chuck Barkley makes oral gesture on TNT…love it

Russell Crowe IS MASSIVE…Costco DAD BOD Alert

2.7 pound snow crab sells for $46,000

As I predicted he should be, Deion is up for FSU job

Logan Paul buys Tim Leary’s LSD ranch…wonder what he has planned?

Florida Man can’t stop laughing over murder charge

Let’s check in with DJ Nata Lee

Don’t Take ESPN’s Word For It…It Wasn’t That Great Of A Dunk Video of the Month

Tacos of the Day

Sports Illustrated’s BBW Is Back, Baker Still Talking About Shaving & Where Is MetLife Cat?
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