Ohio State-Georgia Agree To Home & Home, But Will Any Of Us Be Alive In 2030-31?

Ohio State fan’s HIV positive sign / via @bustedcoverage

Ohio State and Georgia announced today they’ll play each other in 2030 and 2031, in case you were sitting around today hoping to nail down plans 11 years from now when there’s a good chance college football won’t exist and we’ll all be dead anyway because the oceans will overflow and all the snowflakes on the coast lines will have to move inland which will then cause civil war and all hell to break loose where college football programs are disbanded so players can go work for their national guard units.

Just imagine the Boomers in Savannah 11 years from now trying to get inland from the Great Floods to find that Athens has been overrun by Millennials who have kids playing in the Ohio State-Georgia game. Going to cause an absolute shittshow between those warring factions. OK Boomers roll into Athens only to find the Millennials in their electric cars and drinking their seltzers like it’s 2020. Those are going to be weird times.

Fast-forward to 2031 in Columbus where you’ll have the OK Boomers thinking back to the glory days when they used to suck down margs at Urban Meyer’s Pint House in Dublin, but Millennials ruined it by trashing it on Snap which caused the health department to shut it down. I’m telling you, 2030 and 2031 are going to be BANANAS for Georgia-Ohio State. Get your rooms reserved now before the Boomers start heading inland.

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