Caroline Wozniacki Hasn’t Been Skipping Ab Day While In College

Caroline Wozniacki got married back in June to David Lee and then they went off, did their honeymoon phase and then Wozniacki entered Harvard Business School after getting knocked out of the U.S. Open. That’s not just any college program, that’s a program where Wozniacki can be out on the road playing tennis in Asia and still turn in homework. It’s still college and we all know what happens during that freshman year of college when you’re up all night doing homework, studying for exams and slamming large two toppings and chugging Coke.

Wozniacki clearly hasn’t been eating horribly like other college freshmen and definitely isn’t skipping ab day, as you can see via an upload she dropped from an undisclosed location, but it sure looks like California to me. Now 29, Wozniacki doesn’t show any sign of settling down into married life where you eat dinner at 5:30, watch the local news, then surf on the phone until Jeopardy, which then bleeds into live sports and finishes with bed.

She has this school thing going and just played in the China Open a month ago where she lost in the semis. If you’re David Lee you have to be absolutely pumped over this whole married thing right now. She’s working her ass off, looking hot, making big money, going to Harvard to learn how to make that money work and still pumping out that IG content. This is how it’s done, ladies.

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