Best Black Cat Monday Night Football Memes & Photoshops

Time for the Best Black Cat Memes and Photoshops from Monday Night Football since it’s the biggest story of the week already and it’s all over the black cat running on the field during the Cowboys-Giants game and causing a nation to stop and appreciate a black cat who didn’t want to be on that field.

It turns out that Cowboys fans have adopted that cat as their new mascot for memes and photoshops to keep the Instagram machine loaded down with content to prove their superiority over the rest of the NFL fans out there. Of course if they lost to the Giants they’d want the cat run over by an 18-wheeler. But here we are with a cat suddenly a hero to many in Dallas.

From the NY Post:

The Giants did kind of look catatonic once the cat headed for the bleachers or wherever he or she calls home, didn’t they?

“I know he was looking at me the whole time he was out there,” Jerry Jones said.

“Things did kinda change when that black cat came.”

DeMarcus Lawrence: “I ran. I don’t like cats.”

And there you have it, Jerry loves that cat. He’ll never forget that black cat like one of those glorious business deals he’s done over the years. That black cat will get a Super Bowl ring if the Boys go on to win in Miami. Jerry will hunt down that cat if it’s the last thing he does before dying.

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Giants Fan Asks Cowboys Fan To Keep Punching Him
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