Olivia Culpo Out Here Trying To Earn A Dollar, Dana White Begs Iceman & Is This Urban Meyer’s Burner Account


It’s time for Cowboys-Giants on Monday Night Football and all that brings from ESPN. I’m trying to figure out the angle Booger takes tonight. Probably something about Daniel Jones being a future hall of famer who just needs time to develop. You’ll also get some NBA action on NBA TV to gamble on. There’s also a NHL card to look at. That should keep you guys plenty busy after getting home and it’s dark.

Olivia Culpo, Tebow & Amendola’s ex, out here working

Dana White begs Iceman…don’t do it Chuck!

Deshaun Watson credits Popeyes for healing his eye

Uh oh, Lamar’s tipping plays

Twitter thinks this is Urban Meyer’s burner account

Florida Woman goes to have weight loss surgery, leaves with baby…she was pregnant

One of the better weather updates you’ll ever see out of KTLA

Faryn Corey had another stellar weekend

College Football Punt of the Year

Burrito of the Day


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