DC Reporter Shomari Stone Thinks He Smells Weed At Nats Celebration

‘Woooo, is that weed’ video goes viral for NBC DC reporter Shomari Stone / via Twitter

NBC DC reporter Shomari Stone became a viral sensation today via his “Woooooo, is that weed?” live shot as Nationals fans were getting blazed after the team won the World Series. Shomari is getting high praise amongst fans and social media experts for his reporting on the ground as fans blazed and went nuts after the Nats won Game 7 6-2.

Sometimes all it takes is one viral moment to propel a TV guy to even bigger stages than the local DC NBC affiliate. Don’t be shocked if Shomari doesn’t end up with a bigger gig after just this one moment where he casually asks a question we all know the answer to. Handled this like a true professional and probably couldn’t pass a drug test this morning thanks to the blazers out there in the wild, but Shomari risked it all for his station. Put it all on the line.

From his bio:

Shomari was part of the News4 team that earned an Emmy Award for Washington Capitals Championship coverage. He also earned two Emmy nominations, and he was part of the CBS4 team of journalists recognized with an Edward R. Murrow Award for live coverage of the federal air marshals shooting at Miami International Airport in 2006.

This guy has now covered two championships and the people love him. I’m actually begging a Cincinnati TV station to throw huge piles of cash at the guy. He’s clearly good luck at a time when my Bengals and Reds need the Shomari vibe. Teams just win when he’s around.

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