Demi Rose Pulls Out Her Flamethrower, Zlatan Grabs Junk & Florida Man Kyle Busch In Trouble

Get some Southern Cal at Colorado tonight on the Deuce. You’ll have to stay up late watching that one since it starts at 9 p.m. By the way, how did our parents do Monday Night Football back when it started at 9 in the east? I think about that quite often. Throw on ABC at 9 and watch games until after midnight, back up at 5 to bust your ass at a job you hate. That takes real effort out of our parents. Never forget that.

Demi Rose Daisy Dukes might be the shoot of the year…your boss will love this one

Zlatan to fan…get some of DISS

Kacie McDonnell headed to Fox Nation

Here’s the first guy to turn down XFL money because he’s making more in real world

Arkansas boosters quit paying Bielema’s buyout…this is great

Ben Affleck’s out here using a dating app…what a fall for this guy

Florida Man Kyle Busch arrested for locking girlfriend in bedroom

Here’s Frana from the Sacramento State tennis team

Bron Grogeries Video of the Week

Tacos of the Day–1t7BDJF/

Steve Harvey’s Stepdaughter, Clay Fails To Do 50 & Tyler Herro vs. Grayson Allen’s Ankles
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