Amy Cole Is Back For 2019 World Series

Gerrit Cole’s wife, Amy Cole, is back for another World Series and her husband hasn’t lost a game since something like May and is pretty much the most dominant pitcher in the game. Amy has been featured on BC since like 2013 when she burst onto the scene and was best known back then as Brandon Crawford’s sister. Now she’s a force in Houston where she’s teamed up with Kate Upton on projects and has a decent little thing going just being one of the Astros wives.

Gerrit’s out there dominating opponents and the couple is headed to free agency after the World Series. He made $13,500,000 this year so it’s not like the couple is slumming it in Houston, but things are about to get real interesting, especially if Cole can bring yet another World Series title to the city.

In the meantime everyone will focus on beating the Nats. It’s not a bad time for Gerrit and Amy right now.

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