Hope Beel Eviscerates Mexican Beach, Ryan Leaf’s Worried & Pee Wee Coach In Trouble For Too Many Points

The ALCS is supposed to get rained/wind’d out today so that should be off your radar tonight. That just means you’ll have more time to watch South Alabama at Troy football on ESPN. The beyond worthless NBA preseason rolls on with a variety of games. And there’s a doubleheader of NHL from NBCSN. Think I’m going to work on the basement. Time to get a couple things done before grouting the floor.

β€’ Introducing Hope Beel…destroying a Mexican beach

β€’ Kim Jong-un goes horseback riding in the snowy mountains to create some content

β€’ Ryan Leaf’s worried for Baker Mayfield

β€’ Pee wee football coach might be in trouble for scoring too many points, could face fine

β€’ This house is for sale in Bel-Air for $65 million

β€’ This Florida Woman (allegedly) forced husband to sign divorce papers at gunpoint

β€’ The state of local news in L.A. — this one is good

β€’ Here’s Liza Naumova…estranged wife of Rudy’s Ukraine associate

That Looks Hard To Do Video of the Month

Tacos of the Day

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