Meet Liza Naumova – Wife Of Indicted Rudy Giuliani Associate Igor Fruman

Liza Naumova, the estranged wife of Igor Fruman who was arrested last week and is said to be Rudy Giuliani’s associate, has been living it up while Igor’s allegedly been up to no good, enough no good that he was arrested before he could jump on a plane with a one-way ticket to Vienna. The NY Post, going off Instagram reports that Liza has been living it up while a divorce from Igor has been going on for a couple years.

From the Post:

A day earlier, she posted a photo to her 17,700 followers striking a sultry pose next to former Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima with the caption: “Playdate of Miami Mama’s:).”

But out of her more than 2,100 posts, not one seemed to feature Fruman.

Many of Naumova’s acquaintances likely haven’t yet made the connection between her and Fruman, sources said.

“Because they have different last names, I guarantee there are a ton of people who know her or follow her on Instagram — or their kids know her kids — . . . and they have no idea she’s connected to [this scandal],” the insider said.

Fruman’s going to be a key figure in this whole Ukrainian scandal that you’ll be hearing about on the news channels for the next few months. The charges against him are  conspiracy, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and falsification of records.

But you guys know we don’t do the politics thing on these pages. We’re here to find the women who are tearing up Instagram and I hate to say it for Igor’s sake, but his estranged wife Liza is out here living the life while he’s dealing with the federal government. The ultimate insult for Igor would be if Liza ends up getting all his money & runs off with some shooting guard for the Miami Heat. Or maybe some Latin starting pitcher from the Marlins who went from A-ball to the majors because Jeter traded away all the Triple-A talent he had at the majors because it was costing the owners too much in salary.

Excited to see where things go for Liza and Igor.

Igor Fruman mugshot Rudy Giuliani associate arrested / via Alexandria Sheriff’s Department

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