Amber Turner Destroys Ibiza, Andrew Luck Looking Happy & Jay Crawford’s Cleveland Show Struggling

Nationals at Cardinals, Game 1. Virginia at Duke. Colorado at Oregon. Canadian Football action. NHL. MMA at 10 ET on ESPN2. Add in the fact that it’s going to be in the 40s at like 8 p.m. and it all adds up to a night when I go to the couch, get my Costco blanket and get locked in. Remember when Friday nights were about going out? Yeah, not these days. Find a comfy spot, get tucked in and flip channels. Now I need to get a couch for the basement and it’s all over. I’ll never leave the house.

Amber Turner takes a blowtorch to Ibiza pool

Andrew Luck looking happy & it looks like he hasn’t been skipping arm day

Gritty takes shot at PK Subban, brings Lindsey Vonn into it

Former ESPNer Jay Crawford’s news show in Cleveland not off to a fast start

David Ortiz pours Tito’s into Frank Thomas’s cup, seems like some Inside the NBA stuff going on here

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This Florida Man tried on baby clothes during break in

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