Illinois HS Offensive Line Celebrates Big Blocks With Pancakes

Illinois high school football team offensive line eats pancakes after big blocks / via

The Mount Zion, Illinois high school football team offensive line celebrates big blocks on the field with pancakes when they get to the sidelines. That’s right, coaches feed the offensive linemen real, fluffy pancakes right there on the sidelines. Shove ’em down boys, carb up. By now you’ve seen players celebrate turnovers, but the offensive linemen are left out of the fun – until now. Mt. Zion has officially started a pancake for a pancake movement.

From Gordon Voit of WANDTV:

After a series of years with offensive frustrations, the Braves boast speed, deep-ball ability and a raucous student section to back them up.

They also have enjoyed their new pancake tradition, which was started by popular trainer Dustin Fink.

All it takes is a hyped trainer with a beard, a stack of pancakes and the team goes on a 6-0 run to start the year. Take a look at the schedule below. Mt. Zion isn’t just beating teams, they’re crushing opponents so bad I’m kinda worried these guys are going to bloat up too much during one of these games after eating too many cakes. Or the trainer’s going to run out of pancakes. Three games to go. Keep eating, fellas.

Mt. Zion football team schedule / via MaxPreps
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