Let’s Check In With Hilde Osland













The last time I checked in with Norwegian Instagram model Hilde Osland she was living in Banff, Alberta or somewhere close to there and absolutely destroying Instagram with a barrage of the best IG content on the planet. Then I somehow stopped checking in, time got away from me and I didn’t even realize that she has relocated to Perth, Australia where she has continued her Instagram ways.

From the look of things on Hilde’s account, she’s in Australia to stay this winter, which is really summer, and that is great news for those of you in the United States who watch Instagram model accounts run dry with fresh piping hot content in the winter months because the models can’t just hit up some local lake and get to pumping out the content. In the winter they have to hope one of the resorts in Tulum is looking for some influencing. Not Hilde. She’ll be in Western Australia where the beaches are primed for December, January & February contenting. And if that gets boring just think about how close Bali is.

I know you guys are about to develop a bunker mentality. The nights are going to get long, you’re not going to see the sun for approximately 5.5 months and you need some color explosions in your life. Go follow Hilde, enjoy Vitamin C through your computer monitor and keep your head straight. It’s going to be a long haul to May 1.


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