Did Bills Fan Die In Nashville? No, There’s Reportedly Good News

Bills fan didn’t die after a horrific faceplant during a dive before Titans game / via Twitter

Did Bills fan die in Nashville after faceplanting via a crazy dive off stairs at a tailgate before Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans? That’s not a question I expected to post on Twitter, but that’s exactly how Sunday went after I saw a video of the #BillsMafia guy launching himself in an attempt to smash a table and all the glory that comes with it at a tailgate where phones are recording this historic moment.

And then Bills fan laid there motionless seemingly dead in front of hundreds of Bills fans. It was definitely one of those moments where you have to start thinking about morals — yes, I have a few on the Internet — and not retweeting a death video. Sure, we can have fun with the Mafia videos where you see the guy get up after concussing himself. This guy in Nashville wasn’t getting up.

But there’s good news, according to a person on Reddit who says it’s his friend and it was a concussion, but he’ll survive:

Here’s what it looked like when Bills fan went lights out in Nashville:

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Jets & Eagles Fan Fight At Lincoln Financial Field
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