Georgia JV Kicker Turns Bad Hold Into Incredible 2-Point Conversion

Georgia JV kicker with impossible 2 pt conversion / via Facebook

One thing I’d like to see more of around here is content submitted by parents who want to brag on their kids a little bit. I know you’re out there dropping money on extra coaching, the gear, the shoes, the recruiting sites, the big dreams you have that Little Axford will eventually bring pride to your family by securing a quarter scholarship to a D-III college, but it’ll barely be enough to cover books and a month of board.

I know you go to these games hoping just one time Little Axford will create some sort of content that might get him on SportsCenter so you can brag at work. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all grew up on the SportsCenter Top 10 on the late Sunday SportsCenter. I used to record that Top 10 every week so I’d have something to watch on VHS through the week. Miss it & you’re watching the same plays for a couple weeks and that was horrible.

Anyway, let’s get to a parent bragging a little bit. Let’s go to Georgia.

Submitted by D.J. Slone:

We hear it all the time: today’s kids are lazy, entitled, don’t want to work, want something for nothing.

But not these kids. Check out this effort by the Southeast Bulloch (SEB) High School JV team from Statesboro, GA (yes, Allman Brothers fans, that Statesboro).

#85 Andrew Slone—who sources tell us is now being recruited by Ohio State, Georgia, and Clemson as a trick-play kicking specialist—picks up an errant snap, scrambles like a boss, then throws it back to #81 Jontavius Scott, who heads toward the end zone for a 2-point play.

After a nice run, Scott was stopped just short of the goal line by #9 Keylen Collins from Claxton, GA (home of the world’s greatest fruitcake – look it up).

So the SEB kids gave up, right? Nope. Not these kids from the land of legendary Georgia Southern coach Erk Russell (arguably the greatest college coach of all time – look it up).

Scott’s SEB teammates rallied around him and literally pushed him across the goal line for the score.

This kind of effort is inspiring and gives me hope for the future of this great country.

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