Cloe Sofia Makes Dump Debut, Julian Edelman Tells Naked Bill Belichick Story & Phil Fulmer Says He’s Done

It’s NLDS time…Cardinals at Braves, Game 1 and Nationals at Dodgers, Game 1 at 8:37…MLB actually using its head here and making sure they don’t start that late one after 9. Thinking about the kids who won’t be staying up until 1 a.m. to see the 9th inning. It’s also Rams at Seahawks night and there’s hockey. Think I’ll head down into the basement at some point and get back to work on that project. Need to make progress now that the weather is terrible.

Cloe Sofia makes her Dump debut & I just might have to throw her a follow

Blackface scandal behind him, Justin Trudeau boxes w/black trainer

Julian Edelman tells a story about a naked Bill Belichick at the team facility

Whatever happened to the Florida Hot Dog Bikini Girls

Phil Fulmer makes bold claim…I don’t believe him

Erin Andrews…remember her?…launches NFL clothing line

Florida Woman loves Long Island Iced Tea, doesn’t really want to pay for them

ECU Kylie now in the bottle service game

Baker Mayfield Cares Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

Nicole Harrison Makes BC Debut, Will Donald Trump Be Impeached & Carson King Raises $2.9 Million
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