Ladies Of Oktoberfest: Meet Valeria K…I Think She’s Ukrainian

For today’s Ladies of Oktoberfest, we check in with Valeria K, who just might be Ukrainian, but nevertheless she was at the Käfer Wiesn Schänke pub in September for the Oktoberfest fun. I went through the IG Story content produced by Valeria and I have to say that giant tent looks like a great time eating pretzels and slamming giant mugs of beer.

Now I can see why models like Valeria would head to Germany this time of year to gather content. According to her IG bio, Valeria is a chemist, a 20-year-old chemist, so she’s no dummy at the IG game and the science game. She gets it. I didn’t believe Valeria’s a chemist, but then there’s an IG Story where she’s inside chemistry labs doing what appears to be work. I mean, she might know someone in Ukraine that can get her into chem labs, but she sure looks official.

Her bio also also makes mention of “53 countries.” I’m not sure if that means she’s traveled to 53 countries. If so, that’s a pretty impressive number for being 20. Now she needs to get to Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie. That country is wild.

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