Antonio Brown Takes Shot At Baker Mayfield

Antonio Brown is going back to school at Central Michigan

Antonio Brown goes after Baker Mayfield on Twitter / via ESPN

Antonio Brown took a shot at Baker Mayfield this morning on Twitter and appears to be taking a route where the more he fires off hot takes, the more likely a team will sign him. We’ll see if it works or backfires on him, but up next for AB is Baker and him being drafted ahead of Lamar Jackson. AB’s out here grindin’ at 6:23 on a Saturday morning.

This all started when Baker Mayfield fired up Instagram and got into the replies to take a shot at Antonio for freezing off his feet. “Let me call out my teammates and throw a fit about my helmet and then freeze my feet off,” Mayfield responded on Instagram.

And now we have a full blown war of words between two guys that probably should just kill their social accounts.

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