Flint Minshew: I Just Run Some Marathons

Gardner Minshew dad

Gardner Minshew dad / via Twitter

Flint Minshew is fast on his way to becoming a hero to the common man out there who’s just trying to get through lift looking like a cross between Doug Pederson (the hair), Ed Hochuli (the arms) and Jon Gruden (the face). Every thing is coming up roses right now for ol Flint. He opened a new gym in Mississippi back in May and now his son, Gardner Minshew, has a victory in the NFL, and thanks to Nick Foles having a broken collarbone, Gardner’s the starter going forward and is getting 6th round money.

Folks, it’s very possible you’re looking at the replacement for the Gronkowski family. I don’t know if Gardner has brothers, but this father-son team just might have enough juice to carry on the tradition of white guys fascinating white guy fans.  The mustache, the workout jock strap, Flint’s forearms, Flint acting like he doesn’t workout. I’m sure there are 69 jokes coming. Gardner already has an endorsement offer from CamSoda. It’s all adding up right now. Gardner is going to position himself to have a huge Super Bowl week as a brand influencer.

Flint might even mess around and get in on the action. Put a couple bucks in his pocket just for being Flint.


Gardner Minshew’s Dad Is Jacked!
Gardner Minshew’s Dad Is Jacked!
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