Canada’s Hottest Accountant Claudianne Godbout Declares Allegiance To New Jersey Devils

In major breaking NHL news tonight, it appears that Canada’s Hottest Accountant, Claudianne Godbout, has announced that she’s now a New Jersey Devils fan and this should send shockwaves through the NHL community because the New Jersey Devils have gone out and stolen the heart of Canada’s Hottest Accountant. That’s a major get for a U.S.-based NHL team.

You hate to see Canadian teams lose out, but Claudianne, as I reported last week, now works out of the New York/New Jersey market and is becoming Americanized by the day. Hate to see it, Canada. “I guess now I have to be a Devils fan,” she announced tonight from the Prudential Center as the Devils take on the Rangers in a preseason game.

She added on her Instastory that this is the third time she’s been to an NHL game. THIRD! Here I thought Canadians would go to NHL games yearly through the school system like when I was a kid and they’d throw us on a bus and send us to Cincinnati Reds games. Guess Canada doesn’t roll that way.

Now it’s up to the Devils and the NHL to make sure Claudianne and her friend are at all the games. Tell them to fire up the IG and do some influencing.

Claudianne Godbout at New Jersey Devils game / via IG Story
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