Ryan Clark Brags About 1st Interception Coming Against Eli Manning, Doesn’t Mention Redskins Got Blown Out 36-0

Ryan Clark Eli Manning rant / via ESPN

Former NFL safety Ryan Clark had himself a viral content day that made the suits in Bristol all fuzzy inside when he went on Get Up! and went to town screaming and saying how he never played on a team that game-planned for Eli Manning. Ryan, sensing it would get his point across if he was belligerent, went on the brag about his first NFL interception coming off the hand of Eli during a game in 2005.

Brag, brag, brag, brag…Ryan tells the story of how Plaxico Burress was wide open, butt naked wide open or something like that, and there came Ryan to save the day by picking off Eli during a 3-0 game. Ryan’s team went on to lose 36-0. That’s right, Tiki Barber ran all over Clark and the Redskins that day. It’s weird, maybe the Redskins should’ve made Eli throw the ball more & Tiki run less, but I’m not an expert on this stuff.

I also had to hear Ryan act like Dick LeBeau had all these chances to match wits with Eli while Clark was with the Steelers. The Steelers were 1-1 against Eli while Clark was a member of the team. Ryan’s teams (stats below) were 3-4 against Eli.

Was Eli out of this world against Ryan Clark teams? Not exactly, if you think in current terms of how we determine success, but I have to sit here and listen to Clark act like his teams went 7-0 on the Giants.

We can go even deeper with the stats for Eli Manning when he faced Ryan Clark teams:

• Eli had four interceptions over 7 games

• Clark’s teams were 3-4

• 7 games: 1,377 yards, 9 TDs and 4 INTs

Conclusion: Ryan, like many of the guys who have to scream on ESPN to make the suits fuzzy, acts like he was the Eli whisperer. Eli Manning was an average quarterback who showed up on the biggest stage twice. Does it mean he deserves to be in the hall of fame? I don’t think so. But this whole “not good” bit is just so ESPN has viral content to pump out and get people talking about a show that’s horrible and unwatchable, especially when Ryan Clark’s screaming.

Here’s Ryan’s impassioned speech today on Get Up! where it was just a scream-fest…it gets rolling at like 2:00 mark:


Here are the highlights from that day in 2005, a 36-0 L for Ryan Clark and that Redskins defense:


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