Meet DJ Nata Lee – World’s Hottest DJ

I’ve been meaning to post DJ Nata Lee since like early August when a BC follower, AC, swore she’s the World’s Hottest DJ and who am I to argue with a guy for giving her the title. I trust my followers. I assume you guys have done a ton of research on the subject. Now I’m not a big fan of giant leg tats, but some of you guys don’t mind them, especially when they’re on Nata Lee’s leg.

Here’s the other thing that’s a little different from Nata Lee — she does most of her DJ work, from what I can tell, in Thailand. It appears she’s based in Phuket and I don’t think she’s work in cities like Miami, Vegas or L.A. Not sure what that’s all about. I would think the World’s Hottest DJ would be doing sets at all the Vegas pools for millions.

Her IG Stories are from such exotic lands as Paris, Dubai, Istanbul, Maldives and of course Phuket, so you’ll have to start following her and keep track of the bio to see which cities she’s going to be in.

Know of a hotter DJ? Let me know. DMs or email.

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