NSFWBDs React To Sam Darnold Being Out With Mono

You could hear the shock and awe come out of Adam Gase’s mouth this morning as he revealed the news that Sam Darnold would be missing this week’s game against the Cleveland Browns. At 0-1 after a winnable game against the Jets, this is a worst-case scenario for Adam and he’s clearly shook knowing that the Patriots are coming up a couple times over the next six or so weeks.

Folks, it’s going to get ugly for Gase and the Jets. Look at the schedule. He knows it. The BDs know it. They’re pisssed. They can’t believe Darnold’s out here getting teenage sickness when he’s like 22 and has a medical staff to keep him healthy.

How do you get mono? Let’s go to Google:

The virus that causes mono is transmitted through saliva, so you can get it through kissing, but you can also be exposed through a cough or sneeze, or by sharing a glass or food utensils with someone who has mono. However, mononucleosis isn’t as contagious as some infections, such as the common cold.

Now the BDs want to know who Sam’s been kissing at it better not be some ratchet New Jersey stripper.


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