Shots Fired In Neighborhood Near Alabama High School Football Game, Players Hit The Ground

Shots fired at Center Point-Mortimer Jordan high school football game in Alabama / via Twitter

A high school football game in Alabama was interrupted when shots were reportedly fired in a neighborhood near the field where Mortimer-Jordan and Center Point were playing, causing players and coaches to hit the ground until the all clear was given.

From ABC 33/40:

The sound of apparent rapid gunfire or something that sounded similar could be heard on the video.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office originally told ABC 33/40 that gunshots did not come from inside the stadium or involve the stadium, but instead came from the nearby neighborhood or the woods.


According to, cops went into the woods to try to find the shooter:

Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies already inside the stadium ran into the woods, and deputies in patrol cruisers responded to the area where the shots were believed to have been fired. Despite a quick and massive reaction, no suspects were immediately found.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway had been at the football game, but it wasn’t immediately clear if he was still there when the gunfire erupted. Mayor Tom Henderson also was in attendance in the stands. He said he followed protocol and got to the lowest point per the PA’s instructions.

The game resumed after a 30-40 minute delay and Center Point won 28-21.

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