Meet Elizabeth Jamrozy – Michigan State Fan

I don’t know much about how to gain several hundred thousand Instagram followers, but I do know that one golf photo on a model’s account can get shared by a golf site, then it crosses my feed, I learn that Elizabeth Jamrozy is a Michigan State fan and we have ourselves a post. What I do know is that Jamrozy, an Elite model, is on a one-way rocket ship ride to stardom.

It might come in 2020. It might come in 2021. It’s coming. You throw her into the Big Brother house or maybe the Real World house if they’re still doing that thing and she’s skyrocketing to big things. Originally from East Lansing, Elizabeth is making the right move having a school pic on her IG. That lands message board posts and a massive following.

Jamrozy has already appeared in the Daily Mail. Not sure why, but that’s her first big international publication. Just a matter of time before Page Six & a MLB starting pitcher come sliding into the DMs.

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