Mets Fan With His Pants At His Ankles Goes Toe-To-To With Angry Phillies Grandma

Mets fan argues with Phillies grandma/via YouTube

There’s a new college football account I follow called @nocontextcfb and the whole premise is that they post college football screenshots and provide no context. I know, it’s a revolutionary premise for a Twitter account since people are always whining about needing context.

That brings me to this video out this week showing Mets fan with his pants at his ankles going face-to-face having an argument with a Phillies grandma who has clearly had enough of his ass. The uploader calls him ‘Drunk Mets fan,’ so we’ll assume he was drunk and grandma had heard enough.

Not much context here. You just have to go with it, kinda like the No Context College Football Twitter account. Is what it is. What I know for sure is that he’s lucky grandma didn’t throw on his ass. She’s clearly seen a few things during her lifetime on the mean streets of Philly. Looks to be about 70. Bet she went to some Flyers games in the 1970s.

Have context for this one? Let me know. I’d love to hear from Phillies grandma and get her side of things.

Grandma was probably at the Spectrum for this against the Blues:

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