2 Punks Arrested For Flying Drone Over Michigan Stadium

Drone over Michigan Stadium/ via Twitter

What could go wrong with someone flying a drone over Michigan Stadium during a football game? Guess a drone pilot could lose control and it could crash into unsuspecting people trying to watch Michigan put away Middle Tennessee State. Two punks were arrested flying a drone over the stadium during Saturday’s game. Luckily it didn’t crash and cut up fans in the stands.

Ever been cut by a drone blade? I have and it’s going to leave a mark. A Michigan Man, Richard Sheridan tweeted out Saturday night that he saw a drone and wondered if it was legal. Nope. The cops swooped in.

From the Detroit News:

“We made contact with the drone pilots that night and made two arrests,” Overton told The Detroit News.

According to the University of Michigan policy on the operation of drones (unmanned aircraft systems or UAS), penalties for “unsafe or unauthorized” use of a drone by anyone on the Michigan campus may include “criminal and/or civil penalties.” It also can be recommended that the violator loses flying privileges for a year on the first transgression and a permanent loss if it’s repeated.

Sheridan told the Detroit News: “It felt weird and unnerving is the best way to put it,” Sheridan said. “It didn’t feel right. Even if it was nothing nefarious in their intent, they were just having fun, you could lose control of it and it can hurt somebody.”

I’d suggest not flying a drone over Michigan Stadium this Saturday. Army is in town.

Now let’s go to video since Sheridan’s pic looks like some weird spinning wheel replacement logo. Viv’s video shows up a little better.


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