Street Fight Breaks Out In Michigan, Street Justice Prevails

Bedford, Michigan street fight video / via Twitter

Someone tagged me on a Michigan street fight video Saturday night because you guys know that I love a good street fight and in this case out of Bedford, Michigan this is a literal street fight. Thankfully someone sent me (alleged) context as to why the guy in red was pounding on his opponent’s head.

(Allegedly) the guy in red was pounding away because the other dude got all road rage triggered and started swinging on red shirt’s mom. Again, this is isn’t from a police report, just a report from boots on the ground. Whatever the case, you have to like seeing some old school street justice in southeast Michigan. Just battle it out right there on the streets instead of taking it to Facebook.

Have a street fight I need to see? Have more details about this street fight? Let me know. The DMs are wide open and you can always reach me on email if that’s your thing.

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