Today I Learned Miniature Horses Take Dumps Into Deodorized Bags On Flights

Miniature horse on plane at airport

Miniature horse at airport ready to fly/via Twitter

Before we dig into this one — I love animals. I love horses. I love dogs. Cats are fine. Definitely not a big fan of snakes, but in college I lived in a house with a roommate who had a massive snake that would eat mice and I didn’t have a problem with it. Love birds, fish. You get the picture. I’ll cut to the chase — there’s no damn way a miniature horse should be on a plane, but it’s happening and just this month the Department of Transportation said miniature horses are now categorized as service animals allowed in the cabin on flights.

From the NY Times:

Last week, after months of deliberation, the Department of Transportation released formal guidance regarding animals on planes. The 28-page document makes it clear that three types of service animals should be prioritized for travel: cats, dogs and miniature horses.

The Times reporter found a woman who takes her miniature horse on planes and we get these tidbits:

Before going to the gate, Ms. Ramouni will ask someone to lead them to the women’s restroom. “My horse has been trained to go potty in a plastic bag,” she said. “I would just give her the command to go potty, then I flush it down the toilet.”

“I don’t want my accidents to be someone’s first impression,” she said. Cali is used to going for long stretches without urinating, but Ms. Ramouni has created a tidy defecation setup for long flights: When she senses that Cali needs to go, she signals the horse, who then goes into a deodorized bag.

Of course I have questions:

• So they put the horse & owner in bulkhead seats — what about the person sitting next to the passenger with the horse? Does he/she just have to deal with a horse right there in front of them? Do they get a choice to move out of the seat?

• Does the horse owner have to buy two seats? NY Times reporter doesn’t even address this major question

• Does the horse owner have the horse take a dump right there into a bag right in the bulkhead?

• Is the horse strapped down at all? Seems like a big object if the plane hits turbulance

• What if the owner has to go take an emergency dump? Does a flight attendant have to take care of the horse while the lady’s in the stall dumping it out?

Not the lady from the NY Times story. Some other lady taking her emotional support miniature horse on a flight:

This is from years ago…looks comfortable for all involved:

Can we stop with the massive animals on flights? Be a better pet owner you morons. No way this is comfortable for the dog. This same lady had a monkey under her coat…check out the thread:

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