Nashville Realtor Sex Act Photo Added To Real Estate Listing

Nashville realtor listing sex act/via Scoop Nashville

The big story this week in Nashville is a photo of realtor, Miguel Calvo, in a sex act being added to a house listing that was added to the MLS and is now the talk of the town. Calvo tells Scoop Nashville, a great site I’d suggest you start following, that it’s him and he uploaded it.

There’s definitely one way to stand out among your real estate competitors and this is it. Like Popeyes taking their chicken sandwich off the market, Calvo just might’ve changed the real estate listing game forever. Makes you wonder why adult sites don’t go into the real estate business. People will click on those listings.

From Scoop Nashville:

Late Tuesday, a Realtor Miguel Calvo with Benchmark Realty uploaded more than expected to a new home listing he published online. The listing for the $399K Priest Lake Park home on Saxon Mist Drive included 31 photos of the home, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the pool, and of the realtor engaged in a sex act. When reached via phone late Wednesday, Calvo confirmed the photo was him, and that he uploaded it, but would not say if it was on purpose or accident, and threatened a lawsuit if we published the story.

Relax, Miguel. You’re going to get all sorts of listings out of this. Tell you right now I’d let you sell my house. Always say that I’m buying or selling a house from a guy I’d want to have a beer with. Miguel’s that guy.

As for the house Miguel is trying to sell, it looks like a pretty nice place to call home. Not a single inch of carpet that I can see. Looks like the same tile throughout. You’ll also get a pool and all of that just 15 minutes from downtown.

From Miguel’s bio:

Miguel has been a resident of Nashville for 13 years and for over 10 years he has been involved in the real estate market. He made a decision over 10 years ago to become a licensed real estate professional so he can assist others in investing wisely.

Facebook is starting to hear about the real estate listing:

Other interesting ways to sell a house:


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