Former NFL Running Back Larry Johnson Thinks Masons Are Pushing LGBTQ Agenda In NFL & NBA

Larry Johnson has thoughts on LGBTQ in the NFL & NBA/via GMA

Larry Johnson, the former Chiefs running back who played in the NFL over 9 seasons, dropped some very interesting tidbits this afternoon where he said there’s an “effeminate agenda” going on in the NBA & NFL and it’s being peddled by the “masons/handlers” who want to indoctrinate the straight sports world.

Look, I’m not going to try to decipher what’s coming out of his head, so you go ahead and dig into the rest of his tweet thread. I’ll meet you down at the bottom of the post.

I agree with Larry on one part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month that the NFL peddles. It’s a total sham. It’s an embarrassing sham and I’m glad to see it going away year by year and it won’t make me sad the day it’s completely gone from the game. If you think the NFL as a whole does things without a capitalist mindset, I have some healing power dirt to sell you.

As for the rest of his ramblings, this is clearly a nearly 40-year-old former running back who, as of 2017, said to the Washington Post that “the demons” are always a breath away.

Johnson fears that, by the time he’s 50, he won’t remember his own name. If that proves to be the case, Johnson is taking steps for Jaylen to watch her Papi run, to learn who he was, to maybe understand why he was so unpredictable — even, on occasion, with her.

“If I can’t remember who I was, I’ve got YouTube; I’ve got music videos that I’m making for myself, so when I watch these things I can remember,” he says. “I’m trying to get these things in order so she knows who I am and what I came from.”

As for the rest of Larry’s Twitter account, it’s a wild ride of theories and at times pretty mainstream thoughts. Today he just happened to start trending because if there’s anything I know about how to trend on social media, it’s to have a blue checkmark and say something about the LGBTQ community.

It’s no secret that Larry’s been dealing with a few things, as he told Good Morning America in 2017:

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