Video: Zeke Working Out In The Rain In Cabo


Zeke Elliott works out in Cabo/via IG

It was five days ago, but it should make Jerry Jones rest easy knowing that Ezekiel Elliott has been working out in the rain in Cabo, which clearly indicates he’s a warrior who deserves the opportunity to ask for Todd Gurley money. Jerry, possibly sensing that his running back won’t be there opening weekend against the Giants, said today on radio that the Cowboys want Zeke for the dog days of the season and then for the playoffs.

Does that mean the Cowboys take the risk of not bringing him in with two NFC East opponents (Redskins in Week 2) out of the gate? Huge risk for Jer who turns 77 in October. Needs to get that next Super Bowl title. Who cares if you pay him a boatload and leave your family with a mess of a roster.

I’m telling you guys, Jerry might tell Zeke they’re fine early in the year. Get rested, we’ll pay you and you come in and dominate down the stretch. It would be one of Jerry’s boldest moves, but this is a guy who got the Arlington, Texas taxpayers to give him $300+ million to build a stadium.

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Come rain or shine

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Jerry knows they should be able to beat the Giants and Redskins without Zeke:

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