NFL 2019 – The Top Contenders

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Come September and the new season of NFL will be in play. But before that, August will witness a range of preseason games that will serve several purposes for everyone involved with football. For the teams and coaches, it’s the time to tweak out any issues with the players. For the fans, besides getting back into the groove, it’s nice to see how the teams are shaping up after all the transfers during the off-season. As for punters and bookmakers, preseason games are essential in deciding whom to bet on, as these games indicate how the season will eventually play out. 

With an increase in sports betting across the world, the initial weeks before the start of the NFL can prove to be very beneficial for punters. It is the ideal time to place wagers and use NFL betting lines to make the most of advanced odds released by bookmakers. Moreover, jumping in early gives betting enthusiasts time to cash in on all the welcome offers, resulting in higher profits.

Furthermore, it is necessary to place bets on different games and not just on one element of it. Picking the overall Super Bowl winner is one of the most common bets. However, do remember to earn from individual games as well, which can prove to be equally profitable.  

The Logo of New England Patriots


New England Patriots

Looking at the odds released by leading bookies, the Patriots are favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. Typical odds range around -135, and at this stage of the competition, is a bargain worth picking up. However, do keep in mind that the team will start with a slight disadvantage as Ben Watson will sit out the first four games of the 2019 season as part of a ban for taking testosterone. Still, the Patriots are a strong team with several top athletes who are all geared up to make this one of the best NFL seasons ever.    

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are all set to start their training session before the preseason and are doing so in luxury. The team will stay at Newport Beach Hotel while they practice their offense and defense in hopes of reaching the Super Bowl by the end of the season. Bookmakers have the Rams at +110 odds as overall winners. In addition to this, the Rams are also likely to win the NFC. As an astute punter, it is worth dividing up your bets and placing a few on the NFC and AFC winners as well. 

New Orleans Saints

Hot on the heels of Los Angeles Rams are the New Orleans Saints. While looking at the AFC line-up, the Patriots are the clear leaders, but in the NFC, both Rams and Saints will have a head-to-head fight to the finish. This uncertainty reflects in the odds, which are the same for both the teams. It is also because of this reason that the preseason games will play a significant role in shifting the balance towards one side or the other.

Not to forget the underdogs and teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, who are consistent with their performance, one thing is for sure, NFL 2019 is going to be a whirlpool of sporting activities that you don’t want to miss.    

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