Sofia Jamora Thongs It On Miami Beach, Jeopardy James Takes A Shot & Buy Darren Sproles House

Are you ready for a bunch of friendlies on ESPN? You’ll get them tonight starting at 7 with Real Madrid vs. Arsenal. The Tour de France is back on NBCSN. I’ll watch that at some point today. You’ll also get the WNBA All-Star Selection Show for the woke crowd that fake cares about women’s professional basketball. And Yankees at Twins on MLB at 8.

Sofia Jamora thongs Miami Beach

Future’s bodyguard gets KO’d at Ibiza airport…and I mean KTFO

Jeopardy James talking shitt about the Browns

15 year old with no arms does this box jump…pretty damn impressive, kid

Buy Darren Sproles house

Now that’s a great quote from Mike Gundy about his son & Mike’s wife

Florida Man claims his cat downloaded kiddie porn…interesting defense right here

Here’s Raine Michaels

Long Drive Winner At Your Local Outing Ringer of the Day Video of the Week

Nachos of the Day

Bones Jones Facing Explosive Allegation, Shane Lowry Parties & Florida Woman Drops A Bomb
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