Dilfs Hangs With The MILFs At American Century Championship

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Those of you who’ve been around over the years know that the American Century Championship holds a special place in the history of BC. It’s been with me as a content machine for years and never seems to disappoint. Several years ago someone had an inflatable penis on the beach. That was great content. Then there were all the years when Charles Barkley would handle the Harrah’s after-hours party where he’d buy everyone beers and throw a massive party.

I just appreciate that the athletes let their guards down clearly understanding that the content will end up on the Internet. Whether it’s TJ Oshie bonging a beer or a thirsty girl going off on a dong bong, the good times just keep rolling along with the ACC.

Now comes Trent Dilfer, not known to me to be a good time or even willing to show he’s up for a good time, enjoying a little five-way with the ladies on the beach during weekend action. Scroll through Bebe’s photos. Trent’s in there smiling away.



Love was in the air this weekend at Tahoe:


Never forget:

TJ Oshie Couldn’t Resist Beer Bong At Tahoe Golf Tournament
TJ Oshie Couldn’t Resist Beer Bong At Tahoe Golf Tournament
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