Possibly Drunk Ohio Man Flips Woman’s Car With Stolen Front Loader

via Hocking County Sheriff’s Office

One look at Ohio Man Carl Williams’s outdated Facebook account shows me all I need to know about this guy who is accused (there’s pretty clear evidence) of stealing a front end loader from his employer and flipping over a car belonging to a female acquaintance of his. The Hocking County (OH) Sheriff’s Office has video of a front end loader flipping a car and they eventually caught the driver, Williams in a woods after he dumped the loader back at his employer’s lot.

Look, this is a serious situation and all, but we all need to agree here that flipping the woman’s car was probably the best thing to come out of this because in this day and age it could’ve been something much worse. It’s just a flipped car. Insurance can take care of this.

From the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office:

On Saturday, July 6th, the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office received a call stating that a large John Deere forklift front end loader was utilized to flip a vehicle over on Main Street in Murray City.

Witnesses stated that the vehicle then fled north on State Route 216 where it struck another vehicle as it sped away. A witness was able to follow the front end loader which pulled into the Murray Timber and Log Company and the operator fled on foot into the woods.

Deputies with the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office and Troopers with the State Highway Patrol responded to the area and began searching for the driver. The suspect, later identified as Carl H. Williams III, 26 of Glouster, was apprehended a short time later without incident.

A joint investigation was conducted between the Sheriff’s Office and State Highway Patrol into the incident. Evidence was collected and an interview was conducted.

Williams admitted to stealing the front end loader, valued between $60,000 and $80,000 from Murray Timber and Log Company, where he was an employee. He also confessed to purposely damaging the car he flipped, which belonged to a female acquaintance of his.

Williams was charged with Theft of a Motor Vehicle, a Felony of the 4th Degree, and transported to the Regional Jail to await his arraignment in Hocking County Municipal Court.

Additional charges for Criminal Damaging, Leaving the Scene of an Accident and Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol are likely to be presented to the Hocking County Grand Jury at a later date.

As for what I found on Williams’s way out of date Facebook page, it appears he’s had trouble with love for a long time. I get the feeling Carl just can’t catch a break with the ladies and Glouster’s population is just 1,800 so it’s probably been a tough haul for that guy. You go through a couple relationships and it’s hard to find a new one.

Now he’s going to get a slew of charges thrown on him, but jail should be a good place for Carl to clear his head and figure out that he needs to move to a bigger town, maybe Lancaster, Ohio, and start hammering away at Tinder. Stay away from the front end loaders, maybe mix in a Starbucks here and there and start to really enjoy life.

via Hocking County Sheriff’s Office
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