Jesse Palmer Slips A Ring On Model Emely Fardo’s Finger

Jesse Palmer finally broke down and got engaged to girlfriend Emely Fardo, a model that he’s been dating for a few years now. Now 40, Jesse went with a sockless & wearing loafers look while getting down on one knee to make Ms. Fardo’s dream come true. Of course the couple sold the photos to the Daily Mail because how else you going to pay for that massive upcoming wedding if you don’t sell off some of this content. Brilliant move here from Jesse because this guy has really fallen off the broadcasting map.

No use in going broke over the massive wedding. Create some bank for yourself and get healthy financially before Emely starts popping out little Jesse babies with incredible hair the day of their birth.

Jesse even got real romantic on Instagram with his caption. This is going to send women into a tissue frenzy as they read these lovely words.

You said “yes”.
I’m so lucky to finally call you my fiancé.
I asked for an angel to be brought into my life…and it was you.
You love me unconditionally.
You’ve made me the best version of myself.
You’ve given me a sense of calm and a happiness that I’ve never before experienced.
Now, the rest of our lives can begin…together.
Eu te amo.

According to the Google search results for Ms. Fardo, she’s a Brazilian model and allegedly met Palmer after a boxing class. You might remember that Jesse appeared on the Bachelor way back in 2004, which feels like a lifetime ago. You might remember the final rose disaster where Jesse called the wrong name, eventually gave both women a rose, but then ran off with some other chick from the show. Of course that didn’t last and here we are 15 years later.


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