Cam Newton Offered A Guy $1,500 For Legroom On Plane…That Means He’ll Pay Me Big Money To Get His BCS Pants Back

Cam Newton $1500 first class flight offer

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You guys have no idea how happy I am to see Cam Newton offer a guy $1,500 for his extra legroom seat on a flight reportedly from Paris to Dallas, a 10-hour flight. According to our old friend Andy Slater, Cam missed his business class flight from Paris to Charlotte and had to settle for a coach seat from Paris to Dallas and then back to Charlotte or whatever. One thing leads to another and Cam figures $1,500 will get a guy to move seats for the flight across the Atlantic.

However, this guy doesn’t budge over that extra legroom seat. That cash don’t mean a thing to him in this situation and I have to say I love this so much because, as most of you know, years ago I bought Cam’s Auburn BCS game pants for $1,500 and then had Cam sign them a couple years ago at a Gatorade event. Cam CONFIRMED on camera that the pants were indeed his and then signed them. I already had a authenticity paper from Auburn, but now it’s confirmed for life straight from the man’s mouth.

Anyway, if Cam’s offering up $1,500 for that seat, he’s clearly willing to get those pants back for way more than $1,500. I might have to get in touch with Cam now that he’s just throwing around money.

So this happened… @CameronNewton offered a man $1500 cash for extra leg room on a 10hr flight and the man said “No??” #GiveFranceTheNFL

— Eli Edwards (@ElisaraEdwards) June 22, 2019

Why was Cam Newton flying coach?

SLATER SCOOP: Wondering why a quarterback making $20M a year was flying coach?

Cam Newton paid for a business class seat from Paris to Charlotte, but missed his flight. His only option to fly home that day was through Dallas in regular economy class with no extra legroom.

— Andy Slater (@AndySlater) June 24, 2019

Those pants are now signed and in an undisclosed location:

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