Cam Newton Offered A Guy $1,500 For Legroom On Plane…That Means He’ll Pay Me Big Money To Get His BCS Pants Back

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You guys have no idea how happy I am to see Cam Newton offer a guy $1,500 for his extra legroom seat on a flight reportedly from Paris to Dallas, a 10-hour flight. According to our old friend Andy Slater, Cam missed his business class flight from Paris to Charlotte and had to settle for a coach seat from Paris to Dallas and then back to Charlotte or whatever. One thing leads to another and Cam figures $1,500 will get a guy to move seats for the flight across the Atlantic.

However, this guy doesn’t budge over that extra legroom seat. That cash don’t mean a thing to him in this situation and I have to say I love this so much because, as most of you know, years ago I bought Cam’s Auburn BCS game pants for $1,500 and then had Cam sign them a couple years ago at a Gatorade event. Cam CONFIRMED on camera that the pants were indeed his and then signed them. I already had a authenticity paper from Auburn, but now it’s confirmed for life straight from the man’s mouth.

Anyway, if Cam’s offering up $1,500 for that seat, he’s clearly willing to get those pants back for way more than $1,500. I might have to get in touch with Cam now that he’s just throwing around money.

Why was Cam Newton flying coach?

Those pants are now signed and in an undisclosed location:

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