Twitter OJ (Allegedly) Threatens OJ Parody Account With Knife Emoji, ‘I Got Nothing To Lose’

via Twitter

The OJ Simpson official Twitter account has (allegedly) reportedly made a knife emoji threat to an OJ Simpson Twitter parody account and we officially have the story of the summer on the social media platform. “I got nothing to lose,” the OJ Simpson real Twitter account allegedly said in the DMs.

In case you missed it over the weekend, OJ Simpson opened up a Twitter account where he’s started to set the record straight and has even thrown out the bombshell via video that he didn’t create Khloe Kardashian by having sex with Kris Jenner. Now comes word this morning that OJ might already be getting lit in the DMs, which is exactly the type of content we need out of OJ to make this summer a real success on social.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the OJ white Bronco chase through Los Angeles. The Juice was loose that night thanks to Al Cowlings behind the wheel of that Bronco leading police on a chase that captivated a national audience thanks to coverage on CNN with Larry King calling the play-by-play.

I know what some of you are thinking here…someone created another fake account using a zero for the ‘O’ in OJ and then sent the DMs to the KillerOJSimpson account. So let’s do a little investigating here.

Here’s the OJ account with a zero. Notice the different width. The above account seems to be a legit, unaltered OJ account.

25 years ago today — the OJ Chase:

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