Nasty Fart At Indians Game Remains Unclaimed

The foul stench of a nasty fart dropped during a Cleveland Indians game Friday night remains unclaimed as our BC i-Team continues to unearth the rotten truth. One guy who was blasted by the fart says the bomb was dropped with two outs in the 9th, possibly signaling an Italian sausage, peppers & onions had boiled up over eight innings and caused the offending odor.

Hulk Hoagland reports there was an audible, ‘OMG, do you smell that?’ from the crowd who was minding its business, enjoying a game only to smell the god-awful stench from some maniac’s ass. This has now led to an all-out investigation that the mainstream news agencies won’t touch because they’re too busy trying to start political Facebook fights.

I’m here trying to unite Indians fans against the farter amongst us who clearly doesn’t mind ripping ass in tight public spaces. This is the kind of investigation that BC was built on so I won’t rest until the farter apologizes and promises to clean it up & not blast ass at sporting events. I would hope the Indians front office would step forward with help getting the word out. This is bad for business.

Embarrassed by your nasty farts? There are steps to reduce that nasty ass you’re dropping:

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Florida Woman Squeezes Guy’s Balls Until They Bleed, Allegedly